High-level panel discussion: Pursuing sustainability in times of uncertainty

In addition to the ongoing uncertainty on what Brexit will actually look like, a number of key EU Member States will have newly elected governments by November 2017 or soon thereafter which creates a window of opportunity for the EU to put environment centre stage in the final two years of the Juncker Commission’s term as well as in the elections for a new European Parliament in May 2019. The panel will address the current threats, their impacts on environment policies at a time when more concerted action is needed and possible solutions for overcoming the identified threats.

•  Lesley Riddoch, Independent radio and podcast broadcaster, Scotland


  • Mary Creagh, Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee, UK Parliament
  • Ian Jardine, National Adviser on Environmental Policy, Scottish Government
  • Jeremy Wates, EEB Secretary General
  • Anne McCall, Director, RSPB Scotland

Location: Conference Auditorium Date: November 6, 2017 Time: 10:15 am - 12:00 pm Mary Creagh Ian Jardine Anne McCall Jeremy Wates Lesley Riddoch